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Оригинальный сообщение: Rob ,


Hey guys,

I've been struggeling with exact issue as described above (mic not working during calls, rest is fine).


Fixed it by putting on all spund and vibration signals in the menu by going to:

Settings > sounds > vibrate both on, sound all the way up, change with buttons on.

Received a call and then it worked.

It is now fixed, I'm not sure why and if this is of any help, but you can always try.

What I have tried:

- reset netwerk setting (thought that was the issue)

- hard reboot

- cleaning both mics (externally)

-  in menu

- toggling hearing aid mode in menu ("gehooraparaatmodus")

- etc. Etc.

Noting worked. I also pressed outside, it's back (mostly beating out of frustration), plugging in and out a jack.

Them... I stopped giving a $@$*...

But the only thing that I have changed before it started working again is the following:

I had my phone in silent mode (only vibrate), I received some whatsapp calls since that worked fine, however, missed al the calls because of silent mode. I then put on all sounds and vibrations in full. I received a regular phonecall so I say: listen man you know you can't hear me so why call (was my brother with whom I was testing lot of things). And he responed: What are you talking about, I can hear you just fine.

Did some test calls, worked fine. Put phone back on silent mode, works fine. So it is fixed (for now).

Hope this helps, it is an easy fix if it helps you so you can try real fast. Let me know.


Could be related to the physical sound on of button (is not working too good on my phone).

Could be just a hardware issue and that I will be out of luck soon.