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Оригинальный сообщение: adam truesdale ,


okay people i hope this will help some. i have a 2002 caravan. and when i tried to start the car the alarm would sound and the lights on the dash blinked like crazy and the ads relay clicked no stop. so after looking in a few places for help. i found a youtube video with the same problem the wires behind the ignition module has a spot that is not easy to get to and the wires will start to melt together. look for the wire covered in what looks like a fabric. it has velcro if that helps. pull it off and pull the wires apart. i also used dielectric grease for the connector. i also took the ignition module out of the way to make it easier and use the grease on the connector also. its running now and no help from the dealer. if the wires melted together i would have taped the wires before covering them back up.