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Have a mid-2009 MBP 13, with UK keyboard layout, which means it is slightly different from the US original one, mainly in that the return key and a few others are differently shaped. The point of this is that the top case is different.

The MBP has worked like a charm. It's amazing how long it's lasted, but now the keyboard, and especially the power button have given up. Cleaned it with a wet cleaning tissue without first powering off. Doh!

This model is now classed "Vintage" by Apple so no miore repairs or parts available. Looked for top case and found the one at iFixit linked to in older post, but that has the original US keyboard layout. Thus two questions:

1. Can I put on the iFixit's top case with the US keyboard layout and key shapes on an MBP that has the UK one with a differently shaped return button etc?

2. I will likely give the keyboard replacement a go since that's really all I need. However, where do I find a list of tools needed? Have none now.