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Оригинальный сообщение: Jacob ,


From my experience I want to say that it turned OFF because the battery discharged, this happened to me a couple of times, but after charging phone with either the lighting cable or a battery-case I noticed it still worked.

Now, the advice to you (if you ever do it again and you have no way to turn OFF the iphone) or to someone else who cannot turn OFF the iPhone 5 before opening it or changing the screen is that:

You do it REALLY careful, and you do the process of opening it the proper way (no more than 90degrees) then take out  the little lid covered by the three(3) screws which covers the cables from the screen.

After you are done with this, then you should move to the battery connector on the lower part, take out the two(2) bottom screws, then disconnect the battery from the logic board.

Then you know that the phone is OFF, and don't forget to connect the battery and place all the lids with their proper screws after you are done working on it and before you close it.

For more help click on this Youtube video that I found informative with the answer.