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When reinstalling your OS, you most likely deleted your recovery partition if that is what you were referring to with recovery.

F12 should have given you a boot menu, and F2 should take you in to BIOS. Most of the times it's just a timing issue when to press these buttons. Usually while boot logo is displayed.

Press these buttons repeatedly after powering on until (in case) "operating system not found" is displayed.

Also be sure that your keyboard is functional. If not, an external USB keyboard will help.

Oh! And the "OS not found" might refer to some other thumb drive, external hard drive or SD card connected to the computer.

Worst case you can take out your BIOS battery from your motherboard for 10 minutes and while no power source connected to it press the power button for about 10 seconds, than place the small 3V battery back again. Now powering on will give you an error report with an option to either enter bios or boot up.

Hope this helped, keep me posted