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Оригинальный сообщение: Amandio Rua ,


Removing the wifi card resulted in a positive response.  Yes, the logic board will turn on.  Fuses will only impact on charging the battery.  I assume the L2/L4 inductors are fine because the system actually turns on.

The logic board powers and see that the wifi is installed.  The next step is to power on the top and bottom lcds.  If there is a disruption of power to any of the lcds, then it would cause the system to power on and immediately power off.

The issue has to do with the lcd ribbon cable (or connection).  The ribbon cable can only in as much as it allows.  When inserting, push in as far as it goes until the flared ends on each side of the flex cable touches the edges of the connector on the logic board.  Make sure that you then lock the connector.

Over 80% of these issues are related to the top lcd.  The top lcd has to be twisted around the hinge of the unit.  This, over time, (assuming that the hinge is not broken and top half is loose) may cause a slight tear.  Buy a replacement lcd and try connecting it to the logic board with the lower lcd. Turn it on and see if it works.