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I have a black screen.  The phone was accidently dropped for only 2 seconds into a half-cup of water last night.  To even have half a chance of saving it, it should be turned off and put in rice or perhaps silica.  I thought the phone was off (hard to tell when the screen is BLACK).  Put it in a zip lock bag full of silica gel paks.  Pulled it out a few minutes ago and it was horribly hot.  SO the power / home button thing is useless, obviously.  How can you tell if it's powered off or if it's not?

Again, I don't WANT it to reset.  I want it off.   All responses I've seen are trying to reset and turn the phone back on.  I think the OP (and myself) want to be able to turn it off.

It's probably ruined now anyway, since it never powered off.  :-(