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I have an older rzr maxx and same problem, but noticed something else. There is a design flaw which is caused by the case. If you allow the phone to get hot a couple of times, even just leaving it in your car on a hot summer day, it warps the case. Youay notice the area around the camera lens/ speaker is rounded up and out. When new the case is flat. Knowing this I literally used a couple of Band-Aids as a bandaid. Remove the case and on the lower portion of the plastic shield holding the speaker/camera put a couple of Band-Aids stacked on top each other as a shim. This will press down on the plastic assembly, and that will repair pretty much permanently your problem. Careful you don't stuff too much in the case or you will warp it more, but pretty much the damage is done and you cannot unwarp the flimsy case. Funny, the phone was sold with the big pitch about the kevlar case, but it turns out to be the weakest case I have ever seen. So many replacement cases are sold it is ridiculous. Hope this helps.