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since it's a dv9000 - it might die - but hey, other dv9000 and dv6000 died 2 years ago.

most of the quanta boards in hp notebooks are dying fast. i use a hp g6060eg and it died last christmas - it was 22 month old, but since it had a 2 year warranty - they replaced the motherboard.

quanta boards issues are failing gpu's and capacitors

if the board has a capacitor problem, it won't power on (first it works sometimes, then it only gives you a flicker of the led and a clicking noise from the harddrive). the gpu failure comes when the computer switches the graphics mode.

but in your case i would guess that it has something to do with the drives or the bios.

try to get a bios update for your computer - that might help if the bois data is faulty.

to rule out the drives - remove them and try to start the computer without them - if it goes past the splash screen - try to put in the drives again (only one at a time) and try it again.