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How can I rebuild my iPhone 6?


I want to rebuild this Iphone 6 i have but before I do i want to tell you guys the story behind it. I had an Iphone 6 Verizon that ended up getting water damaged. I ordered a replacement screen since the old one had died, and a new battery. When the new screen came in i installed it. I booted up the Iphone and it got to the lock screen. Thing is the digitizer wasn't working which i found odd. I tired tinkering with the connections but still no response from the digitizer. I remember one of the Ifixit members saying that the digitizer port could have a short, that's why the digitizer isnt working. A couple days passed and the new battery came andi took out the old one and put in the new one. Thing is with this new battery the phone wouldn't boot. It'll flash the apple logo for 1 second and then cut to a black screen. When i put the old battery back in, it would boot up just fine. So i finally just left the old battery in and still doing the same thing, apple logo and blank screen. Even putting back the old battery it'll boot to the apple logo then blank screen. Another Ifixit member told me i had a brick. Next thing i did is i connected my Iphone to itunes and it said that it needed to be restored, so i tried restoring it and it gave me an error (53). I looked it up and saw that it had to do with touch ID. They said to just replace the home button ribbon cable that led to the motherboard. So i bought the new cable and did as instructed. I replaced the ribbon cable that lead to the home button to the logicboard. So now i come to the community. Please help me repair this iphone as i have a lot of important data on it that i need to recover and such. I really dont want to buy another phone. Any help would be grateful.


iPhone 6