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Оригинальный сообщение: Gil ,


when you say "copy from the scanner" do you mean just to your monitor or do you mean to a piece of paper?  If its to a sheet of paper than there is hope , we can probably figure it out.  If however you mean just to your monitor and there is nothing ever coming out with printing on it , well chances  are  you have the very same problem I posted  ( 09/09/2011  Gil ) .  These multi function machines can actually be not to bad to figure out,  If this machine prints from any source  than you can be pretty sure the printer section is ok.  If you can scan a document and print it ,than the scanner, printer is ok maybe there is something wrong with your cables or print drivers .  If you can print a computer test document but not from word the problems not likely your printer.  If it is no output from any source than its probably this silly Brother cleaning system I described last time.  It never worked again but yes good old Costco took it back after more than 2 years, great company bad printer.