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Rectangle surrounds "slide to unlock" & passcode won't work


I've held the home & power buttons down for the 10 seconds recommended, then when boots up there's a rectangular line surrounding the "slide to unlock".  When it DOES allow the passcode page to appear (won't always do or takes a lot of time), there's also the same skinny rectangle going from screen edge to edge surrounding the passcode icons that always fill in as passcode is entered; those icons do not "fill in" when passcode is attempted & the # entered is slow to respond or won't respond at all.  The circle surrounding the # entered becomes framed by a square, which has never happened in the past.  The I-pad will not respond to my passcode & the last time I tried I got that stupid fast-talking-annoying-lady-voice who plagued my I-phone not long ago & caused me to lose all info & had to return phone.  Stupidly I don't/didn't even KNOW how to back up my info or pictures & suspect I'm in for a big fat headache/heartache if I have to erase & re-start through I-tunes, if even THAT will work!!  Any help gladly welcome.


iPad Air 2