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I just did the same thing to a mid-2010 27' Mac (2390).

I replaced the optical drive as I rarely use it, I bought a caddy which comes with an external USB enclosure for the DVD drive:


I'm not sure about which method is better, but now if I ever wanted to I could still add another (3rd) internal drive to the free SATA port on the back of the motherboard.

For SSD I bought a 500GB Crucial BX100 which I "fusion drived" with the original 2TB Seagate.

While I was at it I got a second hand i7-870 processor and replaced my original i3-550.


Updated all my apps (system and rest) to latest.

Very pleased with all the upgrades, my mac feels so fast ;-)

And with the excellent tutorials from fixit and others, it wasn't that hard. Only an hour work.