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Оригинальный сообщение: hadsof2002 ,


Hello Nelson , excuse my english  because i'm an algerian, i would like to help you, if i understand your problem ,even if your ink is ok and your paper too , the paper still white without impression, i have an idea for you, you know when you make a cleaning of noozles or when you charge new cartridges in the machine there is a pump which the role is to pump ink through noozles  so i advice you to check this side of your printer, and mostly a pipe who is fixed under the carriage in one side and in other side to the vacuum pump, sometimes this tube is disconnected from the (charriot en francais) carriage of parking , so when you believe that you are making a charging ink or a cleaning , the ink doesn't move  through noozles and the head it's empty of ink therefore you have not impression even if the head moves like she does normally,and also this pipe can be clogged with dry ink, so you have to assure that he is not clogged, to do this easily, look at the back of the printer you 'll find a little door, open it and you'll see a grey little pipe ,so remove it and put it toward the outside and put under it a bottle or something like this to keep the ink while you clean or you put on your printer,if ink came out from this tube  you have a proof that your tube is well fixed and your pump ok,but if no ink came out you have your answer remove and fix the pipe correctly,  so i'll be happy to help you, and i hope that you 'll able to fix your problem! if you want to ask me other questions this is my mail