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Оригинальный сообщение: john ,


I have the same problem on MBP Santa Rosa 4.1 15"  After an attempt to start in target disk mode i found that the firewire is not working. Going to the System profiler->FireWire I get only "Unable to list FireWire devises" WITHOUT HAVING  ANYTHING CONNECTED TO THE FIREWIRE PORT!

1.Clearing the pram does not clear the pram!! The clock values still keeps the time (made in swiss:)??

The track pad double click speed is the way it was...no indication of reseting at all.

Yes yes I press CMD, ALT, P and R  (Have had Mac's since Mac Performa) and the chimes are repeating just the way they should but no actual reset is done.

2. Zooming with the track pad did not work, but started working again after clean system install.

3. Powering off, removing the battery and pressing and holding the power button does not have any   effect.

4. In the Console I saw a message "the firewire bus may be unstable"

5. In single user mode i can see that firewire gets registered with speed s100 instead of s 800

6. Run the apple hardware test. Here is what is says:

Faulty hardware (not quoting) 4sns/1/40000000 tgoh - 73.875

I run it again. This time the last 5 digits were 75.125

Oh...and the are many people with this problem but apple (Denmark) says that they will not cover a repair.