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Thanks for input and I actually solved this myself.

Like I wrote, I have been through all the common issues with iPad Mini and others and was very careful this time. Still it just got worse the more I worked on it. In the end I even entered a boot loop. The solution was to force the iPad into DFU mode and restore it like a new iPad. To my surprise this fixed everything. I was not expecting such luck, but then again I had inspected every contact and could not find anything wrong. Here is my advice:

1) Always power down, disconnect battery before other connectors.

2) Try to cover up new iPad digitizer contacts/exposed metal like the original, if not able to rescue old adhesive, use capton tape to cover exposed contacts.

3) Always be careful when you lift up on the connectors. E.g. lift the battery connector from the battery side.

4) Test touch before putting it together. For the iPad Mini be very careful that the digitizer cable is folded down inside the casing and watch out so it does not stick to the frame and folds. This was my earlier nightmare with crazy touch behaviour.

Patience and slowly, slowly does pay back!