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Оригинальный сообщение: chris secker ,


My dualshock 4 turns on then off again with 1 orange blink?


My ps4 DS4 is doing as title say's but only does this if u connect usb too it otherwise does nothing. Works in safe mode with usb connected tho, Nothing in normal mode.

Tried connecting it too pc with usb makes connection sound on the pc and lightbar on DS4 blinks once then off. Then tried too connect DS4 by Bluetooth too pc WIRELESS CONTROLLER appears in list with ready too pair underneath and pair button too push on screen. So try too put DS4 into pair mode where the lightbar blinks white (holding SHARE & PS BUTTON down) nothing happens so can't pair. Tried also resetting DS4 with thin object connected with usb will flash lightbar once does nothing if push reset without usb connected. Think that's everything I've tried just going too try connecting too my Android now, So PLEASE PLEASE somebody help me don't know what else I can do other than open it up and trying a few things...........


DualShock 4