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Оригинальный сообщение: Andy Whitfield ,


I have a final answer to this issue. This for the Turtle Beach PX-22 Headset with a broken plug. The plug is inserted into the Amplifier which in turn plugs into a PC via a USB connector. The plug needs to be low profile or narrow as it wont fit into the amplifier otherwise.

The following cable wire colour to 4 pole plug as follows:

Green -      tip;

Red -           ring 1;

White -      ring 2;

Blue and copper twisted and soldered to -    sleeve/ring 3.

I am pleased to say this works perfectly.  Additionally, I bought a new cable - 4 pole plug to 4 pole plug. Cut it in half and connected the wires based on 'buzzing through' to the plug with my multi-meter as the internal wire colours in the replacement cable were different colours to the turtle beach internal wires.  It was much less bother than using a brand new 'blank' narrow profile 4 pole plug (too much of a challenge to my soldering skills and eyesight!).

I hope this helps for anyone with the same or similar issues.