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ATTENTION ALL THOSE WHO HAVEN'T FOUND A FIX:  If you followed all the different instructions here, but nothing worked, try the following.

Warning: You have to take the back off of the tablet...

I did this by carefully inserting a small swiss army knife into the top part of where the backing snaps onto the screen, and then took a guitar pick in place of the knife, and slowly went around the whole thing gently leveraging the backing until all the snap points are loose.  If you get all the sides except the bottom, which seemed to be the most fragile, you should be able to take the backing off and the bottom will unhook by itself.

After the backing is off, you must unplug the battery from the motherboard.  It's a black, connector with 6 short wires running at the top of the battery.  I used the same small swiss army knife to GENTLY lift the plastic on top of the connector so the locking, inserted portion of the connector wiggles free.  Use your fingernail to pull one side of the connector, and then the other until it is disconnected.

Leave it disconnected for a few minutes.  At this point, I plugged the USB plug into it while the battery was disconnected for about 2 seconds, but I DOUBT this had anything to do with the fix, as I heard it make very high pitched wine like it was overloading a transformer or transistor.  Only try it if disconnecting the batter alone doesn't help.

At this point, reconnect the battery, and press the power button for about two seconds.  My T100 powered right up.   If it powers up, carefully pop the backing in place and hope to god that it doesn't do it again... :D  if not, you're SOL.

FYI:  my symptoms were that it would flash white when trying to power on the normal way, and then nothing would happen, and when plugged in, the LED by the power button would be solid white.  When trying to power on while on the charger, it would do the same flashing white LED by the power button, and nothing would happen.  None of the button pressing combinations did anything.  The screen never turned on or flickered, and the LED by the camera did NOT illuminate when I would try to turn it on.

Hope this helps someone...