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Оригинальный сообщение: Kevin Fessler ,


You may not have the infamous Yellow Light of Death (YLOD), but these are telltale signs that something is up. New thermal pads will only help with the heat dissipation for longer periods of time, but it seems like you are having a freezing issue every 30 seconds. Moreover, it may be unresponsive sometimes. Here are some possibilities for why it's acting the way it is:

1. Bad Hard drive (buy a new one)

2. DVD drive is dirty or broken (clean or replace it)

3.  Video card had overheated and/or solder balls are cracked (replace the board)

A guide on how to take it apart is here:

[[Topic:PlayStation 3 Slim]]

Check if you can get it replaced from where you bought it first. It still might be under warranty.