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Оригинальный сообщение: tarsonis ,


Hey maybe someone can give me an advice. Defintily great find with this issue. I'm sure its related to a electric ground.  I replaced my touchpanel of the used I Air1 I shot on ebay.  Of course I taped the brown/bronze metal ring with electrical tape. Unfortunately I wasn't precise enough. The upper left corner touch function (in potrait mode) barley work unless I touch the iPad case. Then it reacts really straight forward without drop outs.

Now my problem. I couldnt get the old touchpanel off without breaking it. (It wasnt broke before and it wasn't an original). The glue was to strong.  Now I have panic to get the new panel off which uses the usual 3M glue. I took about nearly 1 & half  hour to get it on without any dust between touch and display.

Would I need new glue stipes?  I'm not having the iOpener and used a professional hot air gun which I can set the temperature. Set it to 100 degree cellsuis. Any advice would be much appreciated!