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Оригинальный сообщение: stellathomson524 ,


Hi everyone,

I purchased k4 note and in 10 days I started getting this error message  'contact manager not responding'. But I am not facing this issue for now and would like to share what I did and hope that those who are facing this problem might get a resolution.

I removed the mem card and switched on my cell and I realised that my contact manager started working fine.

I put the mem card in a card reader and attached it to my PC. I found a file named ' conatacts001' and I remembered that I had shifted my contacts to mem card to ensure I have all my contacts in K4.

However, I had also realised that I had 500 contacts in mem card n 500 in my normal contacts. So K4 took time to read 1000 contacts and that's why my contact manager did not respond.

I deleted contacts from my mem card and it's been more then 10 hrs now and I have not faced that issue.

So if someone wants to try this please go ahead and I hope it works for all those who are facing this problem :)