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I just went brain dead this morning and put a cup of water next to pc laptop!  Of course I knocked it and splashed water on keyboard.  I grabbed the pc and turned it over. Then I flipped it back and wiped keys.

The whole time, the pc's still connected to electrical outlet and on.  I kept connected to Skype and discussion group, even typed something.  Crazy!  Anyway, twenty minutes later, maybe ten,  I finally shut it down, turned it on edge and set it in front of hair dryer. Yes, hair dryer.  Finally, I get to instructions that say that's the worst thing to do and I put pc in front of dehumidifier and walk away.

Don't know how to remove battery but did detach adapter.   I would not have kept working on drying pc if not for your stories, so thanks for posting.  It is not my pc, so I hope it is not damaged.