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Оригинальный сообщение: Noah Talon ,


Success! '''If you are a n00b or have never soldered, read this!'''

I have never soldered before, but after accidentally popping off the speaker and subwoofer connection (almost identical to the fan connector) I needed to fix it.

Notes: You will need a fine tipped soldering iron.

I don't have "helping hands" so I placed the connector where I needed it, then used thin long strips of electrical tape to hold it in place during soldering. (running from some of the connection cables to the top of the fan)

Someone posted that if you don't have the right size solder you should use flecks chipped off of the solder you do have. I did this. I made tiny tiny shavings, placed them, and then soldered. This alone didn't work.

I had to go back in and hold the solder / iron near the pin (not touching), I put some solder on the iron, then carefully tapped the iron to the pin. The solder jumped to the pin just fine and it worked! Because I only soldered the front four pins, I cut a tiny strip of electrical tape and used my spudger to stick it to the inside back of the connector running onto the logic board. Now that sucker is locked in and perfect. Breathe, be careful, and good luck! (watch some how-to-solder vids on youtube to build confidence)