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Оригинальный сообщение: Anthony Tanjoco ,


Hello Anthony!

I hear ya.  I had a co-worker just do the same thing.

Check out this picture...


What they won't tell you is that these slots are NOT

spring loaded type slots.  Also, Slot 1 does not have

any "stoppers" on the back side -namely because it

takes a specific adapter for the usual Micro-SIM

these days.  So, if you push the SIM card up, it just

keeps going -and the only way to get it back is to

take the back cover off.

But hey -this is iFixit right!?!

Basic Steps:

* Remove Back Cover
* Remove Battery
* Remove SD Card (if one in the slot)
* Using PH0 philips bit, remove screws on interior case.  Don't forget to unscrew the one in the lower right corner with the tamper detection sticker on it.
* Remove Interior Cover using Guitar Pick (or similar plastic pry tools).  Be careful here and take your time.  I found this to be the hardest part as there are plastic clips around the cover that were particularly firm.  I started toward the lower right corner to pop off and carefully pry away the interior cover, working slowly around the bottom toward the left side, etc.


* Remove wedged SIM card.
* Put everything back together. 
* Insert SIM card into SLOT 2.  Don't worry, there are stoppers there.



Have a great day, Anthony!