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Replace logical board with any cell service provider


Good evening/day, regarding where you live.

Recently I bought an used iPhone 5s at one of my countrys' web shops. '''Unfortunately, it was iCloud locked.'''

The seller didn't play it cool. He is not answering my calls, nor my messages. Now I am just standing here, infront of my new paperweight device.

Doing some research, I found '''I could replace the phones' logic board''' for one of an already used iPhone 5s that had the '''same storage''' as mine. Is this correct?

Looking forward to buying one, I came across '''too many obstacles''', as which the carrier lock that the logic board may have and many other problems that I would like to know if someone can tell me here.

* '''What should I know about the logic board to actually make my phone fully functional?'''
* I really want to''' know with certainty''' how to correctly replace my logical board and actually make this iPhone work.

'''Every answer is welcome.'''

Thank you very much, Giovanni.


iPhone 5s