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Looks like the field coil of the alternator isn't getting power.

There are 3 wires attached to the alternator. One is a big fat wire that goes to the battery, this is the alternator output. The other two wires feed power to the field coil.

You can check if the field coil is powered by connecting a multimeter to the terminals of the field coil, and starting the engine. '''Be careful to avoid getting caught by the alternator belt!''' With the engine running, there should be voltage across the terminals. Turn on the headlights to put some load on the battery, the voltage on the field coil should rise slightly.

If you don't see voltage on the field coil terminals, you might have a blown fuse. The field coil is powered by a box called ''Powertrain Control Module'', and there are 3 fuses that might be of interest, numbered 6, 19, and 26 according to the schematic (see below). If these are all good, then you need to check the wiring between the PCM and the alternator, or the PCM itself may have a problem.

Another possibility is a bad ''Battery Temperature Sensor''. If this sensor tells the PCM that the battery is too hot, the PCM might refuse to power the field coil 'cause it thinks bad things might happen if the alternator tries to charge an overheated battery.