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Оригинальный сообщение: Joost Visser ,


Diagnostics on these kind of problems can be both easy and frustrating at the same time. Luckily one thing is certain: the only thing that can cause a noise like that is a mechanical part.

Since the MacBooks only contain a few rotating/moving parts, the diagnose is easily procured. The fan is indeed suspect number one: a slight imbalance in the blades is very hard to spot, but can easily create the noise. The bearings can have a similar problem, and aren't even visible from the outside.

I would try to get the machine running and gently stop the fan with your finger for a very short while. It'll tell you enough to hear if it's the problem.

If it isn't the fan though, repeat the process with all other moving parts, including traditional hard drive if still present, and replace accordingly