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Hi, I normally don't join forum's but after reading on this sight things to check ( I am mechanically inclined to a point) just was looking for things i may have not thought of. I suspected the brake switch just like some of you!

Excuse my grammar graduated years ago so no teachers to impress! lol.  Anyway sure enough the rubber contact point was laying in a pile on the floor mat! I looked at the brake pedal after charging the battery! and sure enough the contact had disintegrated and there was a hole where it used to be attached. I went and got a quarter inch bolt and slipped it in the whole and viola! problem solved. I inspected it again and noticed to the left about 1 inch away was the same rubber grommet and a nut where I could have moved the brake switch over to the left and re attached it like nothing happened. After a few choice words I stood in shock as my thoughts of repair shops and dealerships using such a short cut to take advantage of some of us to a high repair bill! This fix seriously took me 10 minutes! It wasn't complicated or rocket science. I am glad these forums and the internet does have value! Hope my rambling may help someone else in the same situation.. Forgot to mention this fix was a 1997 Nissan Pickup. This may help fellow Nissan owners. Good Luck