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Оригинальный сообщение: Ben ,


Clean LCD cable with isopropyl alcohol.  At least 90% or better with battery unplugged. Make sure you definitely tape the LCD ribbon cable / connector down to reduce chances of it moving around.

Hardware problem. Most of the time it is the LCD cable. You probably didn't need to replace the LCD if you didn't try cleaning / replugging it firstly.

1. Can it be from dropping the tablet on ground?

Yes that is very possible.

2. Could it be LCD cable?

Yes, another possibility.

- Is it an hardware/software problem?

Hardware issue.

- Did someone experience this ever before?

Yes. Have had a few clients come in with this issue. I solved it by replugging / cleaning the LCD ribbon cable and making sure there is a sufficient amount of tape so that the cable / connector can't move around.