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Оригинальный сообщение: FaCE ,


Okay,  so I used a couple of methods together for this.

The first method is the 'Sony fix' --  search for 'surface panel calibration tool' - the download you're looking for is called UNOOTH-P0112513-1082 with an MD5 of 91514542bdf87898ea24dfe4add0548e.

The second method (which surprisingly no-one on the internet has suggested) was uninstalling the touch drivers!

Here's the combo I did that worked, but please bear in mind that I can't verify that its neither one nor the other that would sort it out in isolation:

1) Uninstall the touch drivers -> right click Start -> device manager -> right click HID Compliant touchscreen -> uninstall

2) Touch your screen to make sure the drivers have gone

3) Run the panel  tool

4) Back in device manager,  file or edit (I can't remember) ->  scan for hardware changes

5) profit.

I really hope this helps someone out there. Its an annoyance at best, but if you're borderline OCD about certain things then  you'll  breathe a sigh of relief