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Оригинальный сообщение: Eddy Nates ,


My phone keeps rebooting


So a few days ago, my phone took a hard fall on its back surface, opposite of the screen, and after picking it up i noticed it was powered off. So i opened it up, unplugged and plugged in the power cable, and it turned on fine. Everything was fine on there except that my phone kept restarting every 2-3 minutes. I investigated inside the phne as this kept happening for the next few hours and didnt find anything damaged on the front of the motherboard. The power port and the battery were fine, but i did go ahead and change the battery for a new one, still no luck. I restored my phone to factory settings and it didnt work either. Now i cant use my phone because i cant restore from back up due to it restarting 2-3 minutes. I investigated further and  noticed on the back of the motherboard, this piece (metal piece wait PURPLE border) was corroded or damaged, and i also remembered that this part of the phone heats up quickly when i boot up my device. I was wanting to know could this be causing my reboot problem or is it the power IC chip.



iPhone 5