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Thank you for the reply! The outlets tested fine and the UPS tester said battery was good. I allowed it to charge 24 hours. I found an application for the Tripp-Lite UPS called "PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent Software" that is free. Works on Windows and Linux. Had to connect the UPS and computer with an additional USB cable. From the PANSA user's guide:

"PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent (PANSA) monitors one or two network-attached Tripp Lite UPS systems for specific power events, takes the appropriate action to preserve backup power, and protects sensitive equipment from damage. Example actions include shutting down the computer receiving UPS backup power when the UPS enters a low battery condition or, in a VMware application, signaling an ESXi Host to shut down. If the ESXi Host is a member of a high availability cluster, the desired response to the low battery event could be to shut down the virtual machines running on the host before shutting down the host itself."