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Apple wants you to throw away you're device when the battery starts to lose power over time . . . Some old apple employee even did confess that apple would build in some kind of chip that counts the age of the battery,  how many times the battery has been charged and discharged, and that the battery starts to perform less when she meets the days/cycles counts, programmed in this chip, so when the laptop leaves the warrenty period, that the battery (or even some other components) would start to fail over time . . . Even other manufacturers do this kind of stuff, the machine is great when it is still in the garantee-period, but when the garantee period is over (mostly after 2 years), than the device/machine starts to show problems . . . And if you dont beleive me, its very simple, take a washing machine from the early 90's, and you will see that, even today, it will work just fine, but wait 10 years from now, and then you buy a washing machine made in this time right now, you won't get the same performance EVER then this washing machine from the early 90's . . . Its sad to say but this is the truth . . .