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Оригинальный сообщение: Valerie Bartnick ,


Have been able to air print and print directly from computer maybe 4 times since buying this useless printer over 4 years ago. I actually got it to copy yesterday for first times in months but now print is extremely large and I never made that adjustment. Plus the ink needs to be replaced way too often. Put all new cartridges in two months age thinking that might help. No! Nothing. And now three cartridges are low? I am not a computer geek but nothing adds up. I think the best idea is just toss the Epson 2450 WiFi air jet printer in the recycling bin. More than frustrated. VWB

PS. Even if one was super savvy on computer issues, why should you have to spend more time fixing a printer than you do typing your best selling manuscript? Absolute waste of hard earned money!!!!!!! Do not consider buying this piece of garbage printer. My toner printer was much more reliable. It never failed me.