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My dad's S5 screen displays only a white noise.


Since today my dad's Galaxy S5 started to display only a white noise like seen [https://goo.gl/photos/zXXkBKzrsWxdnyLZ6|here].

I tried everything from pressing on different parts of the back, draining it's battery and reinserting it several times, but nothing worked and I can't even go into recovery mode because I can't see anything but the noise.. My dad thinks it's a virus but I have installed an antivirus on his phone and I doubt it could've caught a virus.

Please help me, the last thing we want to do is buy a new phone, but the s5 doesn't even have a scratch and it would've been a bummer to throw it away or pay the price of a second hand one just to repair it, thank you very much in advance.


Samsung Galaxy S5