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Hello guys,

I seems that I have similar issue but not quite.. All my mics are working (front, rear facing camera videos have great sound the bottom mic is also working - I am able to make normal Facetime, Skype, Viber calls... etc ) but when I initiate a regular voice call using the Phone app the caller on the other side can't hear me. It's the same with Speaker mode. My proximity sensor is working fine, my front facing camera is working fine, my rear facing camera is working fine...  I have tried w and w/o Noise cancellation, Hearing aids, the apple headphones, iOS 10 beta 7, rolled back to 9.3.5/ hard reset/soft reset(Settings)/ nothing helps it's dead silence on the other side.

Is the Audio U0900 Cirrus 338S1201 IC to blame or something else?