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Оригинальный сообщение: amirbahalegharn365 ,


for me , Disabling or unistanlling was not possible..along with apps created byit(like KMplayer)...i couldn't even delete it in TWRP from system/priv-app and other places...the only things that worked for me(not delete it but somehow disable it) was to :

1-first root phone (iroot/kingoroot/geniusroot & etc....)

2-download 3 apps: " Stubborn Trojan Killer" & es task manager(or sth similar to disable start-up apps) & Avast security mobile which is free.

3-then disable internet activity(no wifi/Data) & install all 3 apps

4- scan with " Stubborn Trojan Killer" (grant/allow root if asked)& try to delete(hopefully delete but it will be created again)

5-in settings of "avast" check scan SDcard too,so when scaning with avastscanning will include internal folders too...it would probably find sth,resolve/fix it

6-use es task manager (grant/allow root)to go to start-up apps and disable all that looks supicious/ have the same time created as netalpha(for me was kmplayer.demo,google services,phone services,and 5-6 other apps)

and for now,your phone is without this virus being operated and disturbing you.unfortunately there is no way to delete the files from system and ..., so for those who doesn't want to format(flash completely) the phone(reset/factory isn't going to help at all for me and many other users), for this is the only way(the only apps that recognize some trojan activity are those 2 for now, which i had sent the files for further investigation by avast team)..hopefully there is a way to cure it otherwise it's just like Stagnet : made to kill you!!!