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power button won't work, so i disconnected the battery and it powered back on, however when i shut off the macbook, i realized i had to do the same thing again, coz the power button not working, so i had to disconnect the battery and it turned on again, i did this about 3x and now my macbook won't start at all, when connecting the power cord i have an orange color showing and after awhile it eventually turned to green, there is a small strip of lights located on the left side of macbook, when i press the little circled button, it lights up green. can someone tell me if they had the same problem, if so, is it my power cord? do i need to change to 85 w, if so please explain, and if not would you happen to know what the problem is? i never dropped nor slipped a drink on my laptop, it was working fine, then one day, it just doesn't want to respond the way it should...heeelllllpppp???