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I had this problem as well. It sounds like the battery is completely discharged. The micro usb port may not be making a connection. When the phone is charging a small yellow lightning bolt appears at the top left hand (on the screen) next to the battery condition symbol. You can get a new battery from Amazon, but that may not be the problem. I purchased a charging dock from DX.com (http://www.dx.com/p/2-in-1-battery-charger-charging-docking-station-for-blackberry-q10-black-223137#.V_4y4dyrf2k) for $10 incl shipping and then a spare battery. My micro usb port just wont charge any more, but the dock will charge batteries. The battery is easy to remove by prying the cover from a small notch at the bottom edge. The battery can be pulled out and charged. Batteries are only about $10.