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Issues after repair, possibly screen cable related



I just recently replaced the ageing battery on my iphone 5 and ever since I've had a couple of issues, please bear with me as i wrote this on different occasions and have just now pieced them together:

Every now and then the phone turned off and wouldn't turn on even when using the power button or doing a hard reset. It would reboot randomly though.

(I witnessed it turning off in an odd way only once, the screen went grey with a few darker lines to the left side and then turned off completely, it turned off more than once but I only saw it do it in such manner that one time, other times it just turned off. Quite a few times I didn't see how it did as it happened whilst in my pocket).

Every now and then the touch screen didn't work properly:

The lock screen froze, did not respond to touch (except for assisted touch to a certain extent, then that froze too) and the buttons didn't work. The audio and screen would still be on and playing but buttons, and touch were unresponsive.

This last one I'm not sure how the battery replacement might have affected but it still started doing so after the swap:

whenever I launched whatsapp the optimizing whatsapp process showed (always reaching 100), other times the screen went completely white, the app didn't respond, the home button worked only to go to the homescreen and didn't allow multitasking.

Lastly, one morning it turned off, and I wasn't able to turn it back on

it finally restarted later that day but soon crashed again and rebooted.

I tried using it for a full day to check and it worked fine nearly all day, I received an email (the phone vibrated, the usual) and when i opened the email client the phone crashed. The screen dimmed, become purple-ish and at the top there was a solid green bar

I tried putting back the original battery and had no issues, everything worked as normal and when i retried with the replacement battery i had problems again within the first half an hour(same as before, screen freezing, rebooting ecc)

I talked to the ifixit support and they sent me a replacement battery, replaced it and everything seemed to work great, no issues with it whatsoever so i suppose all those issues where due to a defect in the other battery(


I tried out the phone without sim for a while to make sure it worked properly. I didn't notice any major problems (lag here and there but I'm not sure that might be due to the repair). When I actually started using it as a phone again (when I inserted the sim) the crashing resumed, random reboots or complete turn offs, a couple of screen freezes and only one screen turning off leaving a dimmed wake behind it

A couple of days have passed since I started writing this and now it's started to show the problems even when the sim isn't in the phone.

It randomly reboots or turns off completely.

A couple of times i've witnesses the phone rebooting and the screen dimmed whilst still having the page it was last on showing, the top of the screen had a darker


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