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this will probably end up being long, so I'll put a TL;DR at the bottom:

Cases like this are maddening, since logic says that a battery can't possibly cause system lag or app freezing,  But when you put in your old battery, everything worked fine.   Then the new battery worked fine until you put your SIM in.  So you have the charging system, cellular system and operating system all acting up when a  different battery is put in.

The fact that all 3 systems are for lack of a better term, being wonky, that leads me to think that the battery is still the most likely culprit.  Undervolting or overvolting could cause the phone to do weird things and the cellular system for sure puts a big load on the charging system, which could explain why it worked with the SIM out and not with it in.

But that doesn't explain why the battery would be bad, especially two in a row.  Its possible that iFixit got a bad batch of batteries, its possible you got sent a battery that isn't for your model of phone, its possible that whatever reason, the pixies in your phone don't line up just right with the neutrons in the battery and the two won't work well together.  In other words, sometimes you just find an oddball phone and oddball part that won't work together, even though they should, for no good reason.

To fix this, double check the model of your phone.  Make sure its a 5 and not a 5S or 5C.  Make sure iFixit is sending the right battery for your phone.  If those all check out, order a battery from a reputable source like wholesalegadgetparts, group verticle or mobile defenders.  See if their batteries have different pixies that will line up with your neutrons.

If all that doesn't work, then it could be logic board damage.  If the pull tabs on the battery adhesive don't work, then you end up jamming things into parts of the phone that shouldn't have things jammed into them.  You can easily knock loose a resistor or cap and not know it.  You can do that just disconnecting the battery if you aren't careful.  I can't say that I have seen that happen and get your results, but it wouldn't be out of the question.

so...TL;DR: Try a different battery