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As there is a 1 year warranty on the speaker it may be better that you get Sony to fix the problem so as not void your warranty, if it is still valid. Although  Sony will most probably reject your warranty repair claim saying that you caused the problem if it is found that the charging port has become dislodged from the circuit board- citing inappropriate user action or some such term.

If the warranty is no longer valid then you will have to open the speaker so as to see what the actual problem with the charge port is.

Unfortunately I have been unable to find anything online which details how to open the speaker.

There is this Ifixit guide for a Sony SRS-X7 repair which may be of some help in opening the speaker case, if they kept the design similar that is..


Once you have the speaker case opened and have clear access to the charging port, if you need some help as to what to do next post some close up pictures of the affected area and someone will assist you further.