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Dear ,users                                                         Error (21)

i m apple user i had the  same problem  i tried many every  steps what customer care people told me

but non of them worked ...

i even checked a solution on net

1) they said edit the host file in driver c/windows/system32/drivers/etc/host

2) reinstall itunes,disable anti software ,and etc non of them worked

than i realised that my iphone battery voltage must have fallen bellow 3.8 volts

so i removed the display under which battery was there  and removed the battery and charged it with battery booster

(battery booster is a small machine which brings ur battery to minim volt

which is required to start ur phone )

to check the battery volt u have to use multimeter  set it to 20 dc and check the battery volt

after the battery is reached to minim volt pack up ur phone

after wards  download the software DRFone  in ur computer and Run it

after installed

connect ur iphone to ur computer

click on more tools

and click on system recovery

and fall the procedure as they say

n hopefull ur iphone will restart with no data loss or anything  just as normall

(incase u dont want to follow the procedure of battery boosting buy a new battery and remove the old battery and put the new on in ur iphone )