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Оригинальный сообщение: rmdake ,


I 've had my In Ear Phones a good 8 yrs or so & they are still wrking fine but the outer vinyl sheath wire covering is now getting frayed or coming apart at several intervals from behind the "Boot" on the jack to the "Y" going to the phones !     I need to kno what that kind of wire is called, where you get it and the proceedure for soldering those "Iddy-Biddy" wires !  I hve ben an electronics tech for about 10 yrs in the past & hve always had a recording studio !, so soldering isn't a problem, but sometimes there's a proceedure for special designs and those lil wires appear to be individually wrapped inside the sheath & there are six of them coming from the "Boot" ! Two Red, Two Green, & Two Orange.  So it appears to be feeding each ear with three seperate wires !  "Very Good Design", but I don't find the outside sheath to be worthy of the Bose quality that one is paying for along with the "Technology" ! Basically if I can find out the proper way to seperate & reconnect this special wire I could seperate the sections, heatshrink the original covering & puttem bac together !   So, "Anyone hve the answere" ?