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Оригинальный сообщение: Jon ,


To all of us that are having the same problem-get hold of me after DEC. 17 Th, as I am going in for major surgery now, and we shall try an go thru the motherboard,together. Also not trying to be rude,but get hold of a few very small alligator clips, 4 - 6 of them,  which you will keep in the freezer for "Heat Shunts" while soldering,the units on,if you do not already do so. I also at times, put my capacitors,and any sealed units,I am to solder on, put them in a zip-lock with 2-4 little sachets,or little barrels used in medical pills-vitamins ,etc, and put them in with the components,to keep the moisture down. DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN THE FREEZER FOR DAYS,AS SOME COMPONENTS DO HAVE FLUIDS OF A SORT, CONTAINED IN THEM ! Most Important. these can freeze and burst , or split the units, 15 - 20 minutes ,MAX, say no more. Talk Soon- Jon .E mail I will give you when we talk next,gang