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USB Ports are listed in Device Manager, but don't work


Hello Everyone,

I have the MSI GS70 (purchased in 2014). Recently I had to send my unit in for RMA because several keys on the keyboard had/were failing, and the screen had to be used at about a 120 degree angle because of the connection ended up being loose/failing to the mobo.

Initially the laptop was sent to MSI for the keyboard replacement, and then to XoticPC for the screen repair/replacement.

I received my PC back yesterday and both things that needed to be repaired work flawlessly.

But now none of my USB ports appear to work. They are listed in the Device Manager, uninstalling and reinstalling them through the device manager effected no change, and performing an EC reset effected no change. I've tried multiple USB peripherals (mouse, flashdrives, etc.) and received nothing.

The Flashdrives with lights didn't light up at all leading me to believe that the USB ports are recognized by the system, but are receiving no power.

Any thoughts on what I might try to get these working prior to needing another RMA?