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Оригинальный сообщение: Paul Reid ,


I was just under the dash of my '91 K2500 and scavenged a column from an '88 van. Your rig is similar.

Slight looseness "''could''" be the tilt-wheel wearing-out, as Rob says. This makes the truck very hard to control, Or if a very heavy-handed driver has been straining against the wheel, the plastic bushings may have been smooshed. If only slightly smooshed, no big deal; but if too-smooshed the thin part can buckle, fold-back, and wedge the shaft solid... very bad.

Where steering column meets plastic dash, there is a panel 10" wide. 2 screws in bottom, un-hook from top.

There is a V-shape bracket under the column. There are 4 screws run slant-ways through the V into the column. There are two screws straight up through the bracket ears into the dash framework.

Any of these could be loose. Or broken.

But you have to ask "why??" The factory puts them in pretty tight. They are very strong. Has the steering column been worked on? Most under-dash repairs can be done without taking the column out. Has the truck been in an accident? What ELSE is loose or broken? (An older truck can have a lot of un-seen broken bits.)

The 2 screws are part of a "break-away" system, the last stage in a front-end crash crumple. Their size, strength, tightness is critical for your safety.

RJ is right. '''If it is not clear to you WHY the column is loose, you should take it to an experienced mechanic.''' Any GM truck dealer should be qualified. Or ask snowplow or lawn-care contractors where they take their older work-trucks for repair.