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Оригинальный сообщение: Lloyd Farmer ,


Hi, I have an iPad Air, I've had it since March 2015 and almost 2 years later the ghost touch problem occurs.

I have tried resetting the iPad with no success.

Thankfully it wasn't bad enough to put in my 5 digit+ Password and was also able to disable the password, So I can just press the home button to activate.

I tried deleting some apps and updating the device to find it was updated to the most recent software.

I went into Notes and it types by itself, Selects Apps by itself, Deletes Things and More.

I just went on a holiday and dreams came true, All those moments are captured on the iPad and aren't backed up to the iCloud or Google Drive.

I tried connecting the iPad Charger/Connector to the LapTop to try and save the holiday photos with no luck.

I have found some websites and have taken notes.

I will try and do everything the notes tells me to do.

If that fails, Could the iPad have a virus? Be getting old and on it's way out (It's Been Repaired Twice...) or just plain faulty and unexplained?

Please someone, If you where in my situation you'd want someone to help you, I am hoping someone can be as of assistance to me as I know I would want others to do the same to me.

Thank You & Good Day! :)