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Hi Guys

Sharing here, my experiences  with iPhone 7 screen repairs:

Until last week, I've done 7-8 LCD original Foxconn assemblies, (and one refurbished assembly), all without any home button, or other issues.

For all of these, I have re-used  HB/Touch key, and all other "small parts", moving them over from the cracked screens. I have NOT moved the back plate, with HB key extension cable,

I  have only used VERY little heat on the lower part of the LCD metal back plate, to get the adhesive to let go of the LCD/Touch flex. Very little heat is needed, as the material is thin, and heats up in a flash. Better to apply a tiny amount of heat, than to pull the flex cables.

BUT my lucky streak ended suddenly... The one I got in the shop last week, had a broken screen, AND a small crack in the HB glass disc. HB  was/is dead..  (also before screen replacemnt, which the customer forgot to tell me). So, no click / no touch.

It was dropped onto pavement, from "chest height", and the phone is now useless, and I can't help my costumer, due to these sneaky / childish construction politics from Apple, and because he dropped it, he has no warranty either.

The result, is one ridiculously expensive  "Jet Black - 256GB" - just ONE month old, and ready for scrap.

It amazes me, that Apple even bother to spend time and money deliberately creating hassle, and annoyances for their own costumers, and subsequently for us "repair-dudes". They are making billions, so I really don't get the point. This could prove to be an even greater annoyance than "Error 53", if they don't fix it somehow, in later IOS'es.

I actually hope, that there is another explanation to this, but even after serious speculating, I still don't get why the HB's has to be paired with the logic boards? Some intelligent ppl tried to explain, that "it is constructed that way, to make it harder to work around the touch ID feature". But why should pairing the specific reader to the board make that any harder. You only have 5 or so attempts, until the iPhone requires the pass code anyway. Furthermore,  I presume that the "finger print data", read during setup, is stored in the logic board..  NOT in the IC on the flex, and thus the whole pairing-idea makes absolutely no sense.. not to me anyhow.

As a result of all this, plus the missing mini jack, the protruding camera lens, the awkwardly positioned "sleep key" key, the monopoly  (and a few other annoyances), I have decided, that my own next phone, will be a fling with the brand, that has an "i" in the end of the name... not in the beginning!